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Women's Equality

This webpage will grow and change as I do. Check back in the future to learn with me. 

Women have been seen as a subordinate gender for thousands of years. Only in the last hundred years have women started to earn equal rights. Still to this day, women make less money than men do, have less leadership roles, are more afflicted by murder, rape, and abuse, and are stifled by stereotypes. Our bodies are seen as political tools. The reproductive rights we should have are in jeopardy here in the US and elsewhere, even non-existent in other countries. Please consider my suggestions below for women and others to encourage women's strength and advocate for our freedom of choice.

  • Promote women's equality and freedom of choice. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to advocate for your rights.

  • Ask for better wages. Women are taught to be passive and thus, tend to ask for raises less. Be bold and do not underestimate your worth.

  • Do not allow any person to make decisions about your body for you. You have the right to protect yourself and choose whether or when to reproduce.

  • Speak up! Let your passions be heard, let your wisdom be seen. Your ideas and input are valuable. 

  • Be brave. It is easy to fear being alone when women have been wronged for so long. Learn how to protect yourself and trust that you can.

  • Discover ways that you can show your strength. Be it spiritually, physically, mentally, and/or emotionally, you are a strong person. Show the world. 

  • Dream big. Do not let societal pressures push you into a mold. Explore all opportunities to make your dreams a reality. 

  • Teach others. Be a mentor for a woman or girl who needs one. Share your wisdom and experiences with others. We are all in this together.

  • Respect the identity of others and use proper pronouns. Being non-binary or transgender is not new to humans. There are ancient cultures around the world who honor these differences in gender.  Do the same. 

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