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Environmental & Social Justice

This webpage will grow and change as I do. Check back in the future to learn with me. 

Racism is alive and prevalent. This is not disputable. People of color have been killed, enslaved, abused, and suppressed by white people for thousands of years. In the US today, the effects of blatant racism and oppression have created a society that is overwhelmed with injustices. State and federal governments, police forces, medical centers, schools - every aspect of our lives has been founded on and developed with inequalities. These inequalities have affected the careers, generational wealth, quality of living, and environments of communities and individuals across the nation. In a world where some don't even believe these facts to be true, what can one do to advocate for a better future? 

  • Read and watch media that show the perspective of people who are different from you. 

  • Injustices are not afflicted on people due to race alone. Respect those of a different gender, gender identity, religion, and culture. Learn about Disability Etiquette

  • Research environmental and social justice issues in your community. How are people working to help those affected?

  • Find a trusted organization that is fighting against oppression and volunteer your time, money, and/or resources to the cause. 

  • Educate yourself on unconscious bias and on how to be anti-racist.

  • Speak out against racist behavior and micro-aggressions. Know your duty as a witness and how to intervene. 

  • Seek learning opportunities through online sources, films, experiences, peers, etc. 

  • Understand the connections between history, structural inequalities, environmental and social justice.

  • Further your education by considering a career path centered on environmental and social progress

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