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My Loved Ones

I acknowledge that, as a white, middle-class woman, I have been afforded privileges in life that others do not have. 

My parents have been able to provide a life that has allowed me to more easily succeed as an adult. This page is to demonstrate the support that I've had from my loved ones, particularly for my 2022 Thru-Hike of Michigan.

  • My mother, Gwen, is the foundation of my life. Her resilient optimism has been a catalyst for my ambitions. The love that she has for her children and for others is inspirational. I am so fortunate to have such a powerful woman as my mother. 

  • My father, JB, is the structure that surrounds me. He has protected me and has taught me how to protect myself. Without his strength and wisdom, I would be half the woman I am today. How lucky I am to have the most intelligent man I know as a mentor. 

  • My life partner, Andy, is the fire in my hearth. The day I met him, I knew instantly that I had found my spirit connection. Even while we are physically apart, I am surrounded by his vibrant energy. His sweet words fuel my days and his voice guides me through the night. 

  • My siblings, Nell, Jenna, Liz, and Jake, furnish the home of my existence with the comforts of kind words, inspiring stories, and unconditional support. I am amazed at how wise each of my siblings are, how generous and motivated they live. Their love drives me to be a better person every day. 

  • All my amazing friends, my windows to the world. I am truly blessed to know so many wonderful humans. My life-long friends who have loved me through years of growth. My bandmates who helped me find my voice and confidence as an artist. To each and every one of you, thank you for your friendship.

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