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Animal Rights & Welfare

This webpage will grow and change as I do. Check back in the future to learn with me. 

Everywhere on planet Earth, living beings are suffering at the hands of the human race. Wild animals are captured for cages. Their territories and habitats encroached upon and destroyed by human civilization. Domesticated animals are owned like objects. Taken in as pets, often loved fully, but more often abused, neglected, and discarded. "Stock" animals are bred, bought, transferred, and slaughtered as commodities. Their existence to meet the demands of the food industry. What can we do to lessen the suffering of these animals and promote humanity for all living beings?

  • Learn where your food comes from. Understand the impacts of the food industry around the world. 

  • Volunteer your time, money, and/or resources to a local humane shelter or animal rights non-profit.

  • Consider the impacts of your eating habits. How can you lessen your impacts?

  • Shop local. Find food sources in your community and see where your food actually comes from.

  • Eat less meat & dairy. Minimize your consumption of animal products. Try limiting or going without.

  • Try becoming VEGAN! Veganism is an ethical approach to consumption. It is more sustainable and healthier for your body too.

  • Advocate for environmental sustainability. Research your region of the world and learn how wild animals are harmed by human impact. 

  • Volunteer your time, money, and/or resources to an environmental non-profit. Always research before choosing an organization you can trust.

  • If you are a hunter or fisher, how can you use your skills to minimize your consumption of commercial animal products?

  • If you raise animals for human purposes, how can or do you do so ethically? How can you share your knowledge with others?

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